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Free, complete recovery, partitioning, benchmarking, cloning, erasing solution!

LParted is a rescue LiveCD or fully futured desktop operation system with all recovery and partitioning tools. System is based on Ubuntu Linux 13.10 with fully working APT system. Design for IT professionals and advanced home users.

LParted is adware, spyware, trojan free!

Main futures

  • partitioning (create, move, delete, re-size without losing data - gparted)
  • cloning disk or partition (locally, over lan, over internet, support lots of compression methods: zip, 7zip, gzip bzip2, xz/lzma, best: zpaq - partclone, clonezilla)
  • data recovery (recover data form damaged disk, flash drive, damaged file system: NTFS, EXT2/3/4, XFS, JFS and many other)
  • secure data erase (wipe, nwipe, Darik's Boot and Nuke - DBAN)
  • benchmarking (iozone, bonnie++, dbench)
  • backup (localy and over network, to Ubuntu One Free webdisk (like Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive) with rsync rdiff-backup, dar, Ubuntu One Client)
  • hard disk, ssd diagnostics (smartmontools, Disk Manager, gSmartControl)
  • hardware detecting (Hardware Detection Tool, HardInfo x86info, lshw, gtk-lshw)
  • hardware testing - CPU, FPS, io, memory (Hardinfo, memtest86+, memtest, system stability tester, Prime95)
  • data encryption - TrueCrypt, LVM2 with encryption, dmcrypt
  • disinfecting ( Anti Virus Solution - ClamAV )

Desktop experience with LParted

LParted is a FULLY FUTURED desktop system based on Ubuntu Linux, with state of art graphics! Everything under 700Mb!

  • web browser: firefox
  • ftp client: filezilla
  • image viewer: gpicview gthumb
  • document viewer with pdf support: Documents
  • file manager: pcmanfm
  • Software manager: APT, aptitude, synaptics

Software to download with APT

U can download and install almost any software like:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird (email client)
  • Google Chrome
  • LibreOffice (Free Office suite)
  • AbiWord (Office suite)
  • Video Lan Client (Media Player)
  • mplayer with all GUI (Media Player)
  • GIMP (Image Manipulation like Photoshop)

System can by installed to disk, same as any other Ubuntu distribution. After installation U can install any other Windows Manager from official Ubuntu repository like: Gnome 3 (Unity or Gnome Shell), KDE, Xfce4, LXDE (preinstalled) or any other form repo. System is updatable with one click after next version of Ubuntu is released. All tools will be updated to! There is no need to reinstall after next version is released.


There are boot options:

  • standard as LiveCD, LiveUSB
  • to RAM, after loading U can remove CD, USB etc.
  • failsafe (VGA, verbose init)
  • Hybrid or Optimus graphics (nomodeset)
  • text only (no X server - no graphics, if u have less then 512MB of RAM)
  • no SWAP, no Auto Mount - system will not search for SWAP or attempt to mount hard disks

Any boot option can by customized, for example:

  • start in text mode and load everything to RAM without touching hard disks or SWAP
  • start in Hybrid mode and load everything to RAM

Language support

LParted support any language available in Ubuntu but language support is limited to GUI and manual translation. Full language support, including spelling or grammar is available after installation, U can choice Your language during installation. Language support is limited to reduce size of Live image.

ONLY main langauge:

  • english (main)
  • german
  • french
  • spanish
  • italian
  • chinesse
  • polish
  • russian
  • japanesse

and many many more!

System requires

System will work on any moder x86 CPU with SSE support, 512MB of RAM and SVGA graphics. For smoother expirence we recomend:

  • 1.5 GHz single core x86 CPU with SSE2 support
  • 1 GB or DDR memory
  • ATI/AMD, NVidia or Intel graphics


  • 20GB of space
  • sound card
  • ANY network connection (56k not supported :) )

Why LParted was created?

LParted was created because we need a tool to make our work easier after Parted Magic become paid software. (paid to download)

LParted vs Parted Magic

LParted is not a PM clone, LParted is much more versatile. It can by professional tool without sacrificing desktop experience. After installation can became free desktop from Your dreams. Fast, stable and SECURE, with state of art graphics and latest hardware support like AMD or nVidia graphics card, SSD drive. U can even install Steam and play games! If U like Ubuntu U will like LParted, becouse it`s a same system with lost of additional software for data recovery.

Beginner in LParted

LParted is simple to boot, install and use, like any Ubuntu based distro, but it has software that can damage Your data and hardware. Do not afraid, LParted will not do anything without Your permission. But remember: If You don`t know some software, do not use it, and stick to one U know.


There is no guarantee, use it on Your own risk.


LParted is free to download and use. Free for home, education, non-profit, commercial use. Released under GPL


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